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Chat with Eliza

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Chat with Eliza

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A fundamental difference between an independent garage and a franchised garage is "flexibility" within loosely defined business rules.   What is a simple business rule in a franchised garage can become much more complex in an owner-managed garage.   It is high levels of complexity where everything becomes a one-off special that increases operational costs in any business.

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What Invoice Complexity?

For operational simplicity, each workshop job should result in one invoice -each invoice is for one job.   It is easy to create a new job where an additional invoice is needed.   The simple way is the best way - costs assigned to a job are also assigned to that jobs (single) invoice.
Invoice management can be made to be very complex with higher operating costs and skills as:-
(1) One job may have many invoices - job costing assigns costs to different invoices.
(2) One invoice may be for many jobs - job payment must be manually assigned from each invoice.   Complex invoicing adds to operational costs and is more prone to error.

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Video Audit Trail

People like to see other people doing work - its rather unusual and interesting.   Jobs must be videoed and photographed and should to followers using social media and the interactive web site.   Marketing is educational - videos are fantastic marketing. Treat the business as a newsroom - generating daily content.   Every repair job or rebuild is a story to be told - make those stories compelling to other people.   Everything can be photographed before and after as an evidence trail - people like to know even if they cannot see any difference.
People what to help and want to have their say - User Generated content (UGC) is a valuable marketing tool.   People want to request photos and videos of cars they are interested in and other cars that may spark their interest.   People need to be able to upload videos and photos of their own cars - the web site is a portal for all to contribute - enthusiasts.
Detailed track and trace of every visitor will result in a valuable customer database that includes people who are yet to buy.

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Key works and landing pages

It is time to stop using the old words and invent new words that stand out in a search list.   Web sites need to be 100 times more comprehensive that current offerings to make them worthy of peoples attention.   Every page must have a unique purpose and be counted so who is interesting in that purpose can be measured.   80% of a web site must be for mobile - searching is now a mobile activity.
Build associations with local raceways and other auto events that have like-minded people.
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