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Cookie Test Step 1:

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Enable Cookies: Internet Explorer

1. From IE tools menu, select "Internet Options".
2. From Internet Options top tab bar, click "Privacy".
3. Slide setting to "Medium" for automatic cookie handling.
4. Click on "Sites" to add more security.
5. Enter "" and press the "Allow" button to add a managed website.
6. Click "OK" and click "OK".

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Enable Cookies: Google Chrome

1. From menu (three bar icon) on the right of address bar, select "Settings".
2. At the bottom of Settings page, click "+ Show advanced settings".
3. In Privacy section, click "Content settings...".
4. In Cookies section, click "Allow local data to be set (recommended).
5. Do NOT block third party cookies and site data.
6. Click "Done" and close Settings page.
7. Close Chrome and restart Chrome with cookies enabled.
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A cookie is a small file that is written to your local computer for the time between you sign in and sign off.   The cookie enables you to experience page to page navigation without needing to sign in for every page.
If your local computer is not configured to support cookies then you are not able to experience the benefits of TIES application services.

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Trouble Shooting

1. Cookies will not work after settings are changed until Internet @Explorer is closed and restarted.
2. If problems continue, clear all temporary file and delete all existing cookies - restart your computer.

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Date and Time

Your local computer date and time must be within one hour of Grenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Western European Time (WET) date and time.
If your local time is more than one hour out, then when a cookie is written to expire in one hours time, it may be instantly expired where your clock is not correct.
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